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Being stressed can damage my teeth?

Stress and teeth diseases are very related, it is not a secret, that is why bruxism, periodontal diseases, joint disorders of the jaw, and cavities can affect your mouth health.

For example, bruxism consists in clenching your teeth, in consecuence the upper and lower teeth will be damaged for the pressure between them. The teeth wear out due to friction. It can also be caused by insomnia or sleep disturbances, crooked teeth, and by alterations of the bite.

Teeth pain is the main proof of someone who is suffering from general stress. When your nerves are altered you can feel that you need to discharge the pressure that is inside your head and in your chest.

When you have a joint disorder in the jaw you may hear like a click made by your own mouth. This means that you normal jaw movement can be also affected. This could obstruct you from eating in a normal way.

Another condition that you can get is the periodontal disease, this means that the gums are pulled away from the teeth. This causes an intense mount of pain and bleeding.

Sometimes the best way to prevent body and teeth diseases are through mind relief, by going to a psychologist and terapy, or practicing yoga and relaxation activities. This is something important to remember, because the depression, stress and pressure can damage your general health. But you have to visit also a dentist to know the actual condition of your teeth.

But how can all these be related? Well, for example, when you are depressed, you can avoid eating or consume a lot of calories, another factor is the oral hygiene that you perform to yourself.

This is why it is important, another example, are the anorexic or bulimic patients; the first one damage their teeth due to dehydration, and the second one due to the acids that return from the stomach in a purgee. This mental diseased are related to stress over gaining weight.

This examples teach us that you need to take care of your mind relief, the food you consume to have a healthy mouth. Remember to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

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