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Chemuyil: The most beautiful beach in the world



Chemuyil is magic beach located in the Municipality of Tulum, and the beach is about 110 kilometers from Cancun, 43 kilometers from Playa del Carmen. This is a magnificent beach that is protected by dense tropical vegetation, and the sea is full of amazing creatures.

Tulum has about 9 km of coastline, completely covered by many accommodations.

For many the beaches of the Riviera Maya could be considered the best in the world. Along the corridor that goes from Puerto Morelos to Sian Kaan there are hundreds of kilometers of beaches to explore, and most of them are virgins, this is why you need to walk through the beauty of the sea to get there, this places are hidden.

Chemuyil is surrounded by beauty and peace, this are lonely beaches where you can relax and have a sunbathe or you can swim.


In this beach you can find many sea creatures, and all this animals are protected, you also have to be careful when you go to swim, always in company of someone else to supervise that you are fine, because depending on the time it can have more waves as usual.

As we mentioned this beach is located in a bay surrounded by jungle, so you need to be patient to get there, but it’s worth it.

To the south there is a small but beautiful cenote. It is located 22 kilometers south of Tulum.

It is an ideal beach to visit with children and also has facilities to camp, eat, swim, take pictures or just relax with the family. You will take beautiful sunset pictures for sure. There beach is clean and white, the water is turquoise, teal, and blue marine.

It is a place also visited by the locals especially on weekend, they come here to have great moments with their couples. Some other amazing beaches that you can explore are:

  • Xcacel
  • Akumal
  • Kantenah
  • Paamul
  • Xpu-Há
  • Punta Maroma
  • Playa Secreto
  • Punta Bete
  • Playa Paraíso
  • Xcalacoco

All this beaches are close to Tulum or inside Tulum, but we are going to talk more about them in other posts. Actually the Riviera Maya and Cancun are surrounded by many great places for tourists. This is why Cancun and the Riviera Maya have so much popularity outside.

Stay tuned we will talk about more maginifc places soon.

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