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Tips for dental implants care

Tips for dental implants hygiene

If you want a dental implants procedure, you will need to follow the instructions and tips of your dentist. We are going to describe what you need to do every day to have a proper hygiene and to have a longer duration of your dental implants.

Guideline of dental implants care

  • Avoid eating food immediately. The first days eat just soft food like soups, and gradually you could eat more solid food like corncobs, Snickers, potatoes and more. It is necessary to wait until you heal and you feel better with your implants. You can eat with the time harder food, but you will have to do a proper hygiene every day.

Dental implants care

  • Do not rinse water. You should not force your throat, mouth or teeth. This can generate injuries that you need to avoid, and remember that your mouth have to adapt to the new implants.

Dental implants care

  • Do not brush your teeth for a while. After waiting for a day before you can star brushing your teeth, some dentists recommend to use an electric toothbrush, because it can make circular movements, it is important to mention not to touch the sutured parts where the implants were placed.

Dental implants care

  • Do not make pressure or hard movements. As we mentioned rest for a while your mouth, and follow everything according to the instruction of the dentist.

Dental implants care

  • Do not smoke it can be harmful for your implants. Many patients develop oral diseases due to the cigarettes, for example this a really harmful products it can provoke oral cancer, periodontal diseases, and many others. One of this consequences is the loss of teeth, at the beginning you will notice a yellowish color and that the process of saliva becomes more difficult. The lubrication of the mouth serves to have healthy teeth.


Dental implants care

We recommend you to follow the dentist hygiene tips, because having a wrong cleaning habits can generate tooth decay, this means that cavities can reach the main nerve that supports teeth.

If the patient do not brush and wash his dental implants, the same thing can happen as well. Patients should schedule every three months a visit to the dentist, this will help to observe if the dental implants have adapted to your body.

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