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Does Coffee and tea stain my teeth?

Even though they might not need a teeth whitening, most people know that coffee can stain your teeth badly but you would be surprised to know that certain types of tea could have a very similar effect. We can agree that tea provides many benefits to health but there is evidence that has shown that tea can stain teeth even more than coffee on some instances!

Tannic acid, is a naturally occurring vegetable dye found on black tea. It is quick to adhere to the plaque on the teeth, and even can cause yellowish discoloration on the surface of enamel forming spots. In the case of tea and coffee, black tea has more “staining power” than green tea and the same goes with dark black coffee unless a lighter mixture is made diluted with milk or cream.

You really don’t need to give up your drinks completely but here are some tips to help you out.

• Swish a glass of water around after drinking a cup of tea or coffee.
• Make you coffee light brown and add a small amount of milk or cream
• Change your black tea bags for green tea or white tea if possible.
• Floss daily to remove stains and plaque along the edge of the teeth.
• Avoid using teeth whitening toothpastes just because you want to counter the black coffee. Some pastes are extremely abrasive and you could end up with irreversible sensitivity. Always ask you dentist first!
• But not all teas stain your teeth, for example, green tea contains the chemical fluoride which strengthens teeth substantially.

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