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The ecoturism and natural wealth of Tulum

Maybe you have heard before about the wonders of Mexico, the beaches, the food, the generous people, and even more. But Mexico is too big, and there are so many places to go, like Tulum.

But what is ecotourism? It is call by that name every ecological attraction like parks and beaches which take care about their ecology. But this involves many things, one of them is the ecological priority of the theme park. This places have to take special care of the species, like animals and plants.

Mexico is known by its beauty and natural reserves, almost every state is Mexico has at least one, because this country is full of nature, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, cenotes, and unique species like jaguars and panthers. This is the reason why Mexico is entering in the ecotourism market, because millions of tourists come to this country.

But Tulum its not the only one that is improving, also Cozumel takes care of their natural resources.

In Tulum you can do a cyclic tour, by this way you can know and appreciate the wonders of this place. You can also explore underwater caves and cool off in the cenotes.

As we mention, Tulum has one of the most spectacular natural wealth in Mexico. A Mayan walled city is located inside the National Park of Tulum and it flows into the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an, this is the only natural area protected in the route Cancun – Tulum, but due to the urban growth, the green areas has been reduced.

The ecotourism in Tulum intends to stimulate a greater source of employment in Quintana Roo. In Tulum there are many eco-friendly business, like La Troupé and Caravana, this are boutiques made by organic fabrics.

As you can see, here in Mexico we care about the nature and the animals, that is why Tulum is a great option if you are thinking to visit a magic place in Mexico.