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Products that can be harmful for your teeth

Harmful products for your teeth

Most people have their own taste especially when it comes to food or drinks. Some of them like soda and others orange juice, but you have to know what products can be bad for your teeth. And today we are going to tell you how this products can be harmful.

Cola or sugary drinks:

This carbonated drinks have a high content of sugar and acid. This provokes cavities and affect the loss tooth enamel. If you do not clean your teeth the first step is to have cavities, next to develop gingivitis. This acids damage the tooth enamel.



This drink reduces the production of saliva and it also damages the tooth enamel, and also the gums. It generates irritation in the tissue of the mouth and bad breath. This is not just bad for you teeth, it can affect many areas of your body.



This is one of the most harmful products, because this can cause halitosis, loss of tooth enamel, periodontal diseases, cavities, leukoplakia, oral cancer, and more. Those who smokes will have yellowish teeth and difficulties to produce saliva due to the dehydration. 

Candy or caramels:

Chewing candies are a common cause of tooth decay. The most harmful candies are the sticky ones, because the candy gets stuck in complicated areas of cleaning. Try to moderate the consumption to avoid cavities and gingivitis. 


Citrus drinks:

These fruits are very acidic and if you consume too much, they can erode tooth enamel. Some doctors say that orange juice is healthy, this is some kind of true, because the oranges and the lemons have vitamins, but this acids can be harmful when it comes to teeth.

Orange juice

This drink can affect also your tooth enamel making your teeth yellow. The black tea produces the same effect. 

Pickled cucumber:

This products together have too much acid, this can also be harmful for your tooth enamel.

Pickled cucumber

It is important to remember that acids and sugar can produce many teeth diseases like cavities, candidiasis, tonsil stones, the loss of tooth enamel and when you do not have a proper hygiene you can develop other diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis and halitosis. If you have some of the diseases or symptoms that have been told, contact one of our dentists.

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