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What is candidiasis?

Most people think that just kids can suffer from this disease called candidiasis due to all the candy and the soda they drink, but, in fact adults also eat too much candy, this is why diabetic patients are more likely to suffer from candidiasis, cavities and many other dental diseases.

The candidiasis is the most common oral diseases in the world, it is a fungal infection that causes white and painful plaques all over your mouth and tongue, and also it can even extend to your throat. This white plaques can bleed every time you scrape or brush your teeth, and sometimes the fungal infection can affect your paletes, gums, tonsils, and also as we mention in the interior of your throat.

This is common in people with oral prosthesis, and it usually appears more in younger and older persons, because they can have lower defenses of the immune system. And also patients with dry mouth may be susceptible to suffering this disease.

We always live with candida inside our mouth, and depending on our oral care, it can get infected. The candida can also spread after prolonged treatment with antibiotics.

The way to reduce the risk of having this disease is simple, just follow the instructions of a dentist, we have our own specialists that can help you if you have any questions. But you will always need to follow this three rules:

  1. Clean your teeth three times a day, wait 15 minutes after every meal to do this process. If you have implants or dental prosthesis, clean them before you go to sleep, most dentist recommend you to do not sleep with them inside of your mouth.
  2. Use dental floss to clean all the food and bacteria that is placed is difficult parts to reach with just a toothbrush.
  3. Use also mouthwash, this will give you a complete treatment to your mouth, because it clans the tongue, the gums and your throat. Also you will have better breath.

Some adults with candidiasis eat yogurt and acidophiles, this do not destroy the fungus, but ir can recover the bacterial flora, because yogurt has helpful bacterias.

What you can do to reduce the risk of having candidiasis?

  1. Avoid sugary food, and also things with yeast, like cherries, bread, beer, and wine.
  2. Quit or reduce the consumption of smoke like cigarettes.
  3. Consume antibiotics and also yogurt, this will reduce the risk of having this disease.
  4. Drink water instead of sugary sodas.
  5. Wash your teeth as we mention before.

What other mouth diseases exists?

  1. Herpes labilis
  2. Sores
  3. Dental abscess

What are the main causes of candidiasis?

  1. Consumption of antibiotics
  2. Low defenses in the immune system
  3. Diabetes
  4. Being young or old
  5. HIV or AIDS infections
  6. Dental prosthesis
  7. Chemotherapy
  8. Oral and inhaled steroids

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