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Charity calls for funding boost to dentistry as it tops list of most delayed health services

New research collected by the Oral Health Foundation has found further evidence of an NHS dental service in crisis. The oral health charity is now calling on ministers to promptly address the issue of backed up dental appointments and provide the support NHS dentistry needs to get back on track.
A survey of over 2,000 British adults has found that almost half (45%) reported delays to their dental appointments or treatments in the last 12 months. This is more than any other health service including GP surgeries (30%), hospital services (16%) and mental health support (11%).
Latest figures suggest that as many as 20 million dental appointments have been delayed or cancelled since March 2020.
Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, believes that vital funding and support is needed for NHS dentistry to avoid the nation sleepwalking into an oral health crisis.
Dr Carter says: “Dentistry has been severely underfunded for many years and services have suff…

Safe dentistry in professional hands

Dentistry is no longer just a case of filling and taking out teeth.  Today, more people than ever before are turning to cosmetic dentistry, or ‘aesthetic dentistry’, as a way of improving their appearance.
Cosmetic dental treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape, and repair your teeth.  It might include having veneers, crowns, bridges, tooth-coloured fillings, implants, or tooth whitening.
All these treatments are extremely complex and require expert hands and a safe environment.
Unfortunately, many people are making the mistake of attempting these treatments at home and following unsafe advice online.  Others are choosing to have dental treatment carried out by people who are not legally allowed to do so.
Making the wrong choices when considering cosmetic dentistry can put your health at risk.
By always visiting a qualified professional within dental practice for advice and treatment you can keep your smile safe and looking great.
Visiting a de…

About tooth whitening

The demand for tooth whitening treatment has boomed in recent years, in part, driven by the rise of pearly white smiles seen on our TV screens and on social media.  Our research shows that whiter teeth come top of most people’s smile wish list and may lead to a boost in confidence and self-esteem. 
Like all medical procedures, however, tooth whitening is not without danger.    
Before embarking on tooth whitening treatment, it is important to do your research.  By knowing more about tooth whitening, you may improve your chance of having safer treatment with better results.  
Tooth whitening and the colour of your teeth
Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. It cannot make a complete colour change, but it may lighten the existing shade.
There are many reasons why you might get your teeth whitened. Everyone is different; and just as our ha…

Tooth whitening and the law

In the UK, there are laws for what strength of tooth whitening product can be used, and who and carry it out.
Tooth whitening gel that is too strong, or applied by unqualified people, can be extremely unsafe and cause severe and long-term complications for your mouth.
In a summary of the regulations, products containing or releasing up to 6% hydrogen peroxide (the common bleaching agent used in whitening gel) can be used, if:

Products of this strength are sold only to qualified dental practitioners.

You have been examined by a dentist first, to make sure there are no risks or any other concern about the condition of your mouth.

You are over 18 years old.

The first application is made by a dental practitioner, or under their direct supervision by a dental hygienist or dental therapist.

Buying tooth whitening products
Tooth whitening products and kits bought in UK stores or on the internet can legally only contain up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.
This co…
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