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Interview with Drs Marc Baranes and Jérôme Lipowicz on ADF 2021 sessions

Drs Marc Baranes and Jérôme Lipowicz are practising dentists in Paris in France and are founding members of the Académie de Chirurgie Guidée (Academy of guided surgery). Together with seven other speakers at the French Dental Association (ADF) congress 2021, they will be leading a hands-on workshop on digital planning and guided implant placement on 26 November. Dental Tribune France spoke with them to get a preview of their session.
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New NHS Scotland guidance criticised by BDA

STIRLING, UK: Earlier this week, NHS Scotland released new guidance for the prevention and handling of potential respiratory infections in healthcare patients. Developed with the understanding that COVID-19 and other respiratory infections will likely surge during the 2021/2022 winter months, the guidance has nevertheless drawn criticism from the British Dental Association’s (BDA) Scotland branch, which has accused the Scottish government of saddling dentists with “a system that is unfit for purpose”.

Danish Dental Association worried about irreversible damage caused by snus use

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Snus use by young people in Denmark has increased considerably in recent years, and the Danish Dental Association has expressed its concern about the resulting irreversible damage to the oral cavity and discoloration of the teeth. Now, a new law has been passed banning the use of tobacco products—including snus—in Danish secondary and vocational schools.
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