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Dentsply Sirona honours innovative women in dentistry with Smart Integration Award 2021

STUTTGART, Germany: On 12 November, Dentsply Sirona held the second Smart Integration Award ceremony. This year, female dental professionals from nearly 40 countries submitted their visionary ideas and information about the advanced implementation of the ideas in practice, and an international jury of experts selected 90 nominees in five categories.
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New study explains link between obesity and periodontal disease

BUFFALO, N.Y., U.S.: In a new study, researchers sought to gain a deeper understanding of the link between obesity and periodontal disease. They found that being overweight causes chronic inflammation, and this may trigger the development of cells that break down the bone responsible for holding the teeth in place. The researchers believe that the findings may help improve the understanding of certain chronic inflammatory bone-related diseases that develop alongside obesity, including common comorbidities such as periodontal disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.
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Apple’s iOS 14 shakes up digital dental brands

CUPERTINO, Calif., U.S.: In the past, key steps in maintaining one’s privacy might have entailed drawing the curtains after dark, planting a hedge or shredding documents that contained personal information. Nowadays, in a world increasingly ruled by digital data, privacy begins with not opting in. Privacy changes in the 14th major release of Apple Inc.’s mobile operating system, iOS, have made it more difficult for companies to track users’ virtual activities and caused headaches for marketing departments—including those at leading digital dental brands.
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