Brits cast their vote on the one thing they could not go a day without

Brushing teeth has been ranked top of things Brits could not go a day without doing – according to the findings of a new nationwide poll.
Two-in-three (68%) UK adults say they could not go a day without brushing their teeth, deeming it more than three times as important than exercise (21%), as a daily task.1
Brushing teeth was also judged to be more essential than eating breakfast (43%) and washing (41%).1
The findings are part of new research by the Oral Health Foundation to coincide with National Smile Month – a charity campaign aiming to reduce dental disease by highlighting the importance of a healthy mouth.
Previous research by the charity suggests that as many as 97% of the population brush their teeth at least once per day.2
Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation explains the importance of tooth brushing and why is it so necessary.
Dr Carter says: “For most people, the importance of brushing their teeth has been instilled in them s…
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