How Does Oral Microbiome Affect Gum Health?


One of the most flattering things is knowing that there are fellow functional dentists who listen to the show. Today’s question is from an aspiring functional dentist, and Dr. B dives into the oral microbiome. We hear about an article published in the Journal of Dentistry that looked at the plaque pH of caries-free versus caries-active individuals. Despite what conventional dentistry wants us to do, we cannot isolate one bacteria as being the culprit. It is all interrelated, which is why it is so important to have a dentist who understands the oral microbiome. Tune in to hear it all! 

Key Points From This Episode:

The oral microbiome gives you a richer, more nuanced understanding of oral healthHear about a journal article in The Journal of DentistryIt is not one bug that causes gum disease; it’s a whole host of themCorneum bacteria is responsible for some serious diseasesWhat causes bacteria to go from commensal to pathogenicWhy we need dental microbiome researchers and degreesIt’s all about the oral microbiome

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