Keeping your mouth safe while playing sport

Many sports pose a potential danger for your mouth when there is a chance of other people, or objects, coming into contact with it.  This is just as true for non-contact sports as it is for those sports that have contact.
Looking after your mouth and oral health when playing sport is important.  The good news is that during this time, there are some easy and effective steps to help protect your teeth and gums and keep your smile safe.
Common mouth injuries in sport
Between 13% and 39% of all dental injuries in the UK are linked to accidents during sport and it also accounts for around 25% of children injuring or losing front teeth.
Contact sports are increasingly popular which has resulted in a rise of traumatic dental injuries.
Common sporting injuries that can put your mouth at risk include:

Soft tissue injuries to lips and gums (cuts, bruises etc).

Broken teeth.

Tooth loss.

Tooth misalignment.

What to do when things go wrong
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