The basics of orthodontics

The number of adults choosing to have orthodontic treatment in the UK is growing.  When done correctly, orthodontics can transform the appearance of the smile.  This can have benefits for both a person’s physical health and mental wellbeing.     
Orthodontic treatment is complicated and needs a specialist understanding of where teeth can be moved to, and how.  In the wrong hands, orthodontic treatment can cause serious and permanent damage to the teeth and jaw, so it’s important to do your research and choose the safest option for you and your smile.
Orthodontics aims to move the teeth into a stable position.  It works by putting pressure on the teeth, to slowly move them in the right direction.  As the pressure takes effect, the bone in the jaw changes to allow the teeth and their roots to move.
The health benefits
There are many health benefits that come with orthodontic treatment. These include:
Straighter teeth
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