The dangers of DIY orthodontics

DIY orthodontics are often marketed as a cheap, fast and effective way to straighten your teeth.  All of this sounds appealing, but it could present a very real risk to your health.
DIY orthodontics are aligners which you buy online without visiting a dental practice.  It involves an online form and payments for a ‘do-it-yourself’ kit which will have you make an impression (mould) of your teeth at home.  You might also be asked to go to a shop to have your teeth scanned digitally.
The impressions or scans of your teeth are then used to make a set of aligners. These are then sent to you in the post, along with your treatment plan.  
Worryingly, this all happens without seeing either a dentist or orthodontist.     
The risks of DIY aligners
As with most shortcuts, there is an endless list of risks associated with DIY orthodontic treatment.
Orthodontic treatment is not simple.  Dental professionals go through extensive trainin…
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