What Is Geographic Tongue?


Geographic tongue is a common, easy-to-spot oral condition, where the tongue takes on an atlas-like appearance. There are white borders around patches on the surface of the tongue, and in some cases, the condition can be painful. So, what causes this problem? In today’s episode, Dr. B gets into some of the potential factors that cause this issue and also unpacks what you can do to overcome it. Like with any medical issue, there is no silver bullet or simple solution. As such, it is important to take a holistic treatment approach rather than a palliative one. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

Why the condition is called ‘geographic tongue’, and where it can appear Some of the potential causes of geographic tongue The age group that is most affected by this condition If you have a geographic tongue, your dentist should be looking at a holistic solutionThe possible link between stress and geographic tongue Psoriasis and geographic tongue and the link between the two conditions Other proposed conditions that could cause geographic tongue Dr. B’s take on some palliative home remedies that are commonly suggested to treat geographic tongue More holistic treatments to the causes of geographic tongue A simple solution you use do to treat dry mouth  Dr. B’s best palliative solution treatment for geographic tongue 

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