What Is PAP and Is It A Safe Teeth Whitening Method?


This episode is all about one of the most hyped-up topics in dentistry: whitening. While Dr. B has spoken on the topic previously and there is plenty of information available on his website, today’s episode looks at whitening in the context of a new substance on the market that claims to be safer than conventional hydrogen peroxide-based methods. It’s called PAP, or phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, and today’s question about it comes from Charlotte in the UK; is it actually a safer alternative to peroxide? You might be surprised by Dr. B’s answer!

Key Points From This Episode:

Some background on whitening and why there is so much hype and so little science behind itFind out what PAP is, how it works, and why the narrative that it is safe is dangerousWhy regulations regarding whitening should be stricter in the US, like they are in the EUThe importance of professional supervision when it comes to whiteningHear why Dr. B doesn’t recommend PAP as an alternative to hydrogen peroxide How overexposure to hydrogen peroxide and PAP can increase tooth sensitivityDr. B recommends waiting for further studies to be conducted on PAP before jumping on the bandwagonWhy you should be wary of any dentist that advises you to whiten your teeth

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