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Interview: Amann Girrbach goes “shareside”

Going digital in dentistry is now more important than ever. CAD/CAM pioneer Amann Girrbach has a long history of developing workflow solutions for dental clinics and laboratories. “We’re experts on both sides,” said CEO Dr Wolfgang Reim, who spoke in this interview about the company’s new modular Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution (DRS) and the communication and case management platform AG.Live.
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Part 3: Sustainable dentistry in 500 words or more

SINGAPORE: In this third article on sustainable dentistry, sustainable procurement will be covered. The definition of procurement is obtaining goods and services, not the actual transaction, more the plan or the strategy surrounding the process of buying goods and services. Adding sustainability to procurement aims to minimise any harm to environment, economy and society during the full life cycle of the product, from cradle to grave.
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Study highlights how artificial intelligence can be used for detection of caries

BERLIN, Germany: Though artificial intelligence (AI) is being increasingly integrated into a variety of dental products and services, the body of literature evaluating its perceived benefits is scarce. To help rectify this, researchers from Charité—Universitätsmedizin Berlin have recently published the results of a randomised controlled trial they conducted. These results demonstrate that AI can increase the diagnostic accuracy of dentists.

Researchers developing antibacterial smart dental implant that uses phototherapy

PHILADELPHIA, U.S.: In order to address implant failure and the associated effort and costs, researchers from the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia are developing a novel smart dental implant. They are aiming for a device that resists bacterial growth and generates its own power to operate a tissue-rejuvenating light.
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Study shows 87% of patients satisfied with having chosen root canal treatment

GOTHENBURG, Sweden: Although overall oral health in Sweden has improved significantly, root canal treatment is still a common procedure. Since few studies on root canal treatment in the general dental practice have been undertaken, a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg for a doctoral thesis investigated which factors influence the outcomes of such procedures. It was found that the majority of patients would choose the same treatment again if in need, although pain and discomfort around the tooth are common.

Millions of Americans denied dental coverage as Biden drops most Medicare changes

NEW YORK, U.S.: A proposal to expand Medicare could have provided millions of older Americans with free access to dental treatment, had President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” budget reconciliation bill not been watered down before being submitted to the House. Proposed changes to the insurance scheme included the provision of dental, vision and hearing benefits and had been dubbed a once-in-a-generation opportunity by health equity advocates. The American Dental Association (ADA) lobbied against including a dental benefit in Medicare and instead says it supports an income-tested dental benefit for seniors.
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New study identifies affluence as risk factor for tooth wear

GOLD COAST, Australia: High socio-economic status has often been linked to improved health outcomes. However, according to a global study of 30 countries, affluence may also predispose people to oral conditions such as caries and tooth wear, since children who have a high family income enjoy increased access to sugary or acidic beverages such as soft drinks, energy drinks and packaged juices.
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Numerous professional dental bodies reach consensus on DIY orthodontics

LONDON, UK: Seeking to promote patient safety in dentistry, the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) has recently announced that it has joined a Europe-wide consensus on the remote treatment of malocclusion. The consensus involves 31 professional dental and orthodontic societies, associations and institutions in 25 countries endorsing a joint declaration by the European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Associations (EFOSA) regarding the remote treatment of malocclusion, which they regard as unacceptable and potentially hazardous.
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Registration for 2022 Midwinter Meeting is now open

CHICAGO, U.S.: Like myriad other events, the 156th Midwinter Meeting was a virtual one. However, the Chicago Dental Society (CDS) has recently announced that its 157th Midwinter Meeting will return to an in-person format and that registration for the February meeting is now open. The renowned dental meeting will be held at McCormick Place West in Chicago on Feb. 24–26.
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