What Is The Best Toothpaste?


The majority of consumers take it as a given that all kinds of toothpaste from major brands are safe and effective. But as Dr. B will attest in today’s episode, this is not necessarily the case. Most toothpaste brands use harsh surfactants and chemicals to keep their manufactured batches homogenous. These act as a disinfectant that temporarily cleans our mouths, but results in the disruption of our oral microbiome. Dr. B unpacks the history of toothpaste, how the Western diet has affected our oral health, and shares his hopes for how the industry is changing. Tune in to hear his recommendations for how you can take charge of your oral health and become an empowered consumer!

Key Points From This Episode:

How our changing diets have affected our oral health over the past 500 yearsFor the past 100 years, the key ingredients of toothpaste have remained largely unchangedHow big brand toothpaste companies mislead consumers when they advertise their productHow manufacturing bigger batches of toothpaste require more chemicals to keep it homogenousThe oral microbiome and how it protects your oral healthHow toothpaste with harsh ingredients can damage your oral microbiomeWhy Dr. B recommends and uses products with at least 15 percent hydroxyapatite instead of fluorideHow our Western diets cause a need for toothpaste use

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