Can Breastfeeding Give my Child Cavities?


As the parent of a young child, there is a lot of internal and external pressure to give them the best possible start in life. But what if it’s not always clear whether something will have a positive or negative impact? Our question this week comes from Anna, a lactation consultant who is concerned over the correlation she has seen between breastfeeding moms and cavities in young children. In today’s episode, we hear from Dr. B about the benefits of breastfeeding, why it does not cause cavities, and what other factors in your child’s life might be causing cavities. We also discuss how a vaginal birth can influence a child’s oral microbiome and why infant formula is likely to cause cavities. Later, Dr. B shares how to institute positive habits that will benefit your child’s microbiome and why it’s so beneficial. For all this and much more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

Introducing today’s topic on whether breastfeeding can cause cavities in childrenWhy breastmilk does not cause cavities, as it is not cariogenicHow your method of birth can have an impact on your child’s oral microbiomeThe study of breastfeeding for more than 40 days and how it affects your childThe link between breastfeeding and facial developmentWhy using formula can cause tooth decayHow the condition of the mother before birth plays a role in the child’s healthHow a vaginal birth assists your child’s microbiomeWhy breastmilk is the ideal method for culturing a child’s microbiomeSome of the factors that cause tooth decay in humans versus other mammalsWhy it’s important to minimize saliva sharing activities like sharing a toothbrushSnacks: it’s not about the quantity of the snack, but the frequency of the snackDr. B’s advice for preventing cavities by teaching children proper oral care habitsWhy it’s good to take your child to see a dentist from as early as six months

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