When tooth whitening becomes unsafe

Professional tooth whitening is a complex procedure which involves the use of powerful chemicals that can do harm to your teeth and gums if not used properly. It’s for this reason that tooth whitening carried out in the wrong hands is so dangerous.
Due to the strong chemicals, when tooth whitening goes wrong it can cause the following issues:

Chemical burns to the gums

Blisters on the gums

Ulceration of the gums, mouth and throat

Swollen lips

Putting your smile in danger is never worth the risk.  There are two main sources of unsafe tooth whitening; DIY treatments performed at home, and illegal treatments by unqualified people.  It is important that you are aware of these and avoid going down the potential harmful route.    
DIY tooth whitening at home
Worryingly, it is quite easy to go online and purchase hydrogen peroxide (the active ingredient in professional whitening) in concentrations that are way above the l…
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